In Britain, Brand-new A Relationship Apps Allowed Brexit Foes ‘Remain’ Against Each Other

Outside a Manchester pub on a sunlit mid-day, pints of beer in hand, Brittney Cornwell and Amy Hussey are gabbing about their fancy schedules.

Might inside their earlier 20s and communicate at a lender on the horizon. They state an obvious thing seems to occur nowadays on schedules lately: Brexit.

“It’s not possible to hinder they,” Hussey says. “it is a subject!”

In just the past year’s referendum, she voted for england to exit the European Union as well as receiving razzed for it by her jobs co-workers. This model buddy Cornwell voted “stay,” and playfully implies she will most likely not would you like to spend time with “put” voters.

He says the guy signed up with for somewhat rest from the Brexit discussions that predominate lunch game tables within the U.K. lately.