Curves Ahead: The Science of Female Waist-to-Hip Ratio and Attractiveness

Semi-renowned armchair relationship specialist Sir Mix-a-Lot as soon as said, “So Cosmo says you’re fat, well we ain’t down with this! ‘Cause your waistline is tiny along with your curves are kickin’

…To the beanpole dames when you look at the mags: You ain’t it, Miss Thing!” What Mr. Mix-a-Lot so melodically points down is the fact that women’s attractiveness does maybe maybe not count on thinness, but instead the kickin’ nature of her curves. In reality, for women there’s an universal formula — the waist-to-hip ratio — that contributes to exactly just just how appealing men find females’ systems. 1

We’ll avoid asking one to do any unneeded mathematics, but let’s have fun with a few figures. Assume that a lady like Scarlett Johansson has proportions that are“34–23–35. First, it, ignore her bust size (i.e., the first measurement) if you can manage to do. The following two figures refer to her waist hip and size size, correspondingly. The optimal waist-to-hip ratio is apparently about .70, or once the waist’s width is approximately 70% regarding the hips’ width (think about your hourglass figure that is typical). I’ll pause for a minute you can trust us; the science elves at SofR have done the measurements) while you take some quick measurements of the picture of Modern Family‘s Sophia Vergara that accompanies this article (or.