Competencies: information technology, machine learning, cloud computing, Hadoop, Python/Java/R, community protocols

The quick and sweet summary is a smart option for experts in conservative or technical companies. As an example, you want to make it easy for people to see how long you’ve been practicing law, what your qualifications are, and the type of work you specialize in if you’re a lawyer. (Plus, getting too innovative might undermine your credibility.)

This additionally works well with active work hunters. Why? It permits you to definitely get a large amount of key words in, which can help advance you within the serp’s whenever a recruiter searches for somebody who fits your profile.

In any case, a brief and sweet summary should add your overall part, past positions (if they’re appropriate or notable), as well as your abilities.

Example # 4 The Blended Summary

I’m an acquisition that is talent with an intention in building the utmost effective workforces possible.