Sales “Dirty Tinder” On Youtube. Chart of follower/following affairs between determined account after about every day of running the discovery program.

Andrew Patel

16.03.18 5 minute. read


About this morning, a Tweet I happened to be ourteennetwork  mobile pointed out in gotten 12 or more “likes” over a really short-time cycle (about two moments). I happened to be on my computer system back then, and immediately got a glance at the accounts that generated those prefers. They all succeeded a comparable design. Here’s an example of one of the reports’ kinds:

This specific avatar is quite frequently used as a page picture during these account.

All the profile I inspected found similar content in profile industries. Here’s a summary of popular words we determined:

  • Pay a visit to
  • Take a look at
  • How can you want my personal website
  • How do you at all like me
  • You want they harshly
  • Can you fancy quickly
  • Do you really want it lightly
  • Reach my personal web site
  • Come
  • Light up
  • Visit me
  • I really want you
  • You’re looking for myself
  • Your favorite
  • Wishing we
  • Prepared a person at

Most of the profile additionally consisted of website links to URLs within their profile field that pointed to domains including the correct:


It turns out these are typically all reduced URLs, and the service behind each of them has got the very same splash page: