Inside Playboy Mansion: ‘It’s such as a jail and Hugh Hefner prefers tennis to intercourse’

Playboy bunnies available on life in the Playboy Mansion and state Hugh Hefner is more such as a grandad whom imposes curfews regarding the girls

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It is a location therefore notorious, its extremely name is sufficient to hit trepidation to the heart of every aspiring young pin-up.

For over four years, the Playboy Mansion is similar to sleazy glamour and simple women – a monument to a single man’s warped view of the world, a grown-up fantasyland known for A-list visitors, crazy events and also wilder girls.

But today the famed individual fiefdom produced by Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner is not even close to the ­hedonist’s haven thought by the general public, according to British twins Carla and Melissa Howe.

In a unique meeting, the 24-year-old Slough sisters, who split their time taken between the £34million ­Californian mansion therefore the UK, tell just just how a recession, 88-year-old Hefner’s latest wedding and their increasing frailty have got all combined which will make their kingdom more Saga than swinger.